Get 12.5% cashback on all
your IM product purchases!

This page is for people who will buy or have bought products via George Eeken’s affiliate links.

As you probably know, I like to reward people who buy via my affiliate links as for example on my review blog

For any product you’ll buy (main front-end products and/or any up- or downsell), you always get bonus points that you can change for great plugins, software and/or training products on my special bonus site

And often, I do create a special bonus page and/or you can choose one or more products for free as extra bonus on my special deal site

My customers love these bonuses, but some of you prefer a cashback instead of bonus products. Of course, I listened to my customers, and from now on you have the choice…

Either choose for the regular bonus products (and bonus points) and send your bonus request to [email protected] via email.

Or you can choose for a cashback, i.e. rebate of 12.5% for all products (front-end and/or up- and downsells) you’ll buy via my affiliate links. Just follow the steps below.


1) You can’t claim both your bonus products and claim a cashback. You’ll have to choose for one or the other. (And if chosen, you can’t re-change your preference.)

2) The cashback can be given only when a sale is recorded against our affiliate account. We can’t give cash rebates on sales we were not credited for. So be sure that you’ll use our affiliate link as can be tested by the methods on this Affiliate Link Check page.

3) Some sellers/creators won’t allow us to give cashback on their products. In these cases we always try to mention that on our web pages.

4) You can only register your rebates for products bought during the last 45 days. Hence, in case you didn’t register your rebate “on time”, you’ll loose your rights (and you can instead only claim your bonus points and other bonuses if applicable).

How to claim or register your rebates?

I created this website Georges Rebates for just one goal:

a stand-alone membership website for registering and keeping track of your rebate amounts.

And I tried to make it as easy as possible for you.

So follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Register or Login to this site

If you are a new “user”, you first have to register yourself via this link.

Update: due to some annoying “hackers” operating from Russia, I disabled the registration feature. Hence, you can’t register yourself at the moment. To register yourself, just send an email with your full name and email address to [email protected], and I’ll reply with your access details.

If you already have been registered, just Login (bot login and register links are in the right menu as well).

Step 2: Use the Support Tab to open a new Support Ticket

You can go to the Support Page via the main menu or use the button in the right bottom corner.

You can use this support system for any question you want (choose the General category).

But most of the times, you either want to register (a new rebate, i.e purchase) or claim a withdrawal (minimum threshold of $25.00).

So, enter the main subject line (question, register, withdrawal) and select the proper category.

From there on, just fill in the form and hit the “Summit Ticket” button.

In case you purchased more than one product, you can combine them together in one support ticket.

You’ll receive an email to confirm that your ticket has been processed and you can view the status and updates in the tickets tab (as part of the Support Page).

Step 3: Check your Rebates History

After I checked your new purchase and ensured that you used my affiliate link, I will manually add your rebate amount into your files (and close the ticket).

Please give me some time to update your records (usually within 48 business hours).

You can see your total rebate amount in the upper left widget area of this page. Or visit your Rebates History Page to see all historical transactions.

Step 4: Request for withdrawal, i.e. payment of outstanding balance

Unfortunately, I can’t pay every single small amount immediately (it’s just not worth the effort and time). Hence, there is a minimum withdrawal amount of $25.00.

If you’ve $25.00 or more in your balance, you can request to pay it out to your PayPal account.

(Note: PayPal will deduct their regular fee/transaction costs)

Again, just open a new Support Ticket and please give me some time to process your request (usually within 48 business hours).

To avoid abuse or fraud, in some cases (f.e. higher ticket sales) we might prefer to wait with paying out your rebate amount until the refund period of the product(s) you’ve bought is over.

That’s it. For any other questions, check out the FAQ page. Or use the support system.

Want to buy an IM product, but can’t find my affiliate link?

Open a Ticket on this site or send an email to [email protected] and I will create an affiliate link that you can use. I usually can get links for products on these platforms: WarriorPlus, JVZoo, PayKickStart, Clickbank, Zaxaa, PayDotCom, Kartra etc.

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